Running a Business and Raising a Family – Is it Even Feasible?

running a business

Running a business is a more-than-full-time job. There are no two ways about it. Yet raising a family is a more-than-more-than-full-time-job, doubly important in how much time investment, creative talent, patience and care it requires from you. And yet, somehow, people manage to do both at the same time. It’s hard to picture how that is.

Yet is this even feasible for someone who wishes to strike out on their own? Of course, it can be. Yet it does require a little lateral thinking and consideration necessary in pulling this off properly. After all, we must be careful with our time, we must use our hours properly, and we must make sure not to burn ourselves out so that the whole endeavor becomes impossible to take care of no matter how motivated we are to begin with.

Yet instead of applying our full motivation and potential to each individual task, throwing our entire weight behind everything, it’s important to work smarter and not harder. In this post, we hope to determine a few ways this can be more possible and probable. Let’s get started:

Worthwhile Child Care Options

When using a service such as Guardian child care, you can make sure that your children are cared for even if you can’t quite conform to a normal parental schedule. This way, you can ensure they’re getting the full engagement of being cared for without having to go without or be isolated, and it can give you that wriggle room you might need to focus on your business while also ensuring precious time is spent with your child each evening. This way, you can perform both tasks well, as opposed to many not at all.

Remote Work As Necessary

If you set up remote work possibilities when at home then you can more easily access your general work duties without having to drive into the office or waste time. That’s time you can save and apply to your duties as a parent, even if that means after 5pm you don’t talk, think of, or refer to work. Remote work has been made something of a norm during the pandemic of 2020 and beyond, to the point where many people are starting to integrate it in their schedules with glee. This is just one benefit of that.

Dividing Work & Home Life

It’s true that even those who have family obligations and an intensive career need to make sure that these two things are separate, even if you’re mostly working from home. Dividing work and home life could mean investing in a great home office with a locked door (yet one that has an audio meter to listen out for your newborn),  can be a great idea. You might also decide to ensure that your routine is watertight. After 6pm, for instance, you might leave your workphone in ‘emergency only’ mode and spend time watching television and relaxing with your children. A healthy work-life balance requires a pre-portioned divide for sure.


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