The Weekend – Weddings, Birthdays and Washing

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Who’s going to be watching the royal wedding this weekend? I certainly am, with a glass of wine no doubt, I love the royals and think they’re a really important part of British history. We’re planning to watch the wedding at our local community centre, they’re showing it on a massive screen, and have invited local residents down to watch it followed by some football match in the evening. Sorry if I sound a little vague – football is not my bag. We have a lovely, brand new community centre with excellent facilities just down the road from our house which has a kids play park just outside so we’re planning to make a day of it.


It’s also Elsie’s second birthday on Monday and so we’re using the Royal wedding as an excuse to celebrate. We’ve invited some family over to watch the wedding and celebrate with us and we’re also taking a picnic with us which the kids are really excited about. Having a birthday on a week day is pretty pants so we need to make Saturday super fun! It’s Friday now and I still have no idea what to get her – any ideas are welcome!

The bar will be open on Saturday and I always enjoy a glass (or four) of wine at the weekend because I just find it a nice way to relax (rightly or wrongly) after the stress of looking after the kids all week. I don’t find looking after them hard per se,  I find the stress of feeling behind in everything else hard. I get so frustrated that the house is a mess or the washing’s piling up. I also feel as though I can’t think straight when the kids are with me. I start a thought and it’s quickly interrupted by “juice pleeeeease” or “poo poo”.

Saturday will probably be finished off with a takeaway curry in the evening. Again, this is a Saturday staple and something we enjoy now we have children and are pretty much housebound after 7pm on a Saturday night.

The remainder of the weekend, after the wedding and the wine, will be used to prepare for the week ahead. Every Sunday I hear myself thinking (over the noise of the kids, of course) that “…a Sunday well spent brings a week of content.” So we try and use Sunday as a getting on top of things day and doing the jobs I don’t really do in the week such as mopping the kitchen floor. It’s a completely futile task as no sooner do I clean it, it’s dirty again. Having said that I doo vacuum daily as we have dark ceramic tiles in the kitchen (stupidly) and I can’t bare to see crumbs all over them.

I’m not quite organised enough to lay outfits out for the kids the night before or make packed lunches but I do like the house to be reset to the clean (ish) state it started the week before in.



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