Planning the perfect girls’ night in

One of the best ways to show your girls that you appreciate them is to build the perfect girls’ night in together. Nurturing your friendships always goes beyond food and drink but should always include a gimlet cocktail or two to make the mood brighter. Here are things that you need to know to plan the perfect girls night in.

It’s so important to feel close to the girlfriends we have in our lives. Being a girl’s girl may not be something that you’re used to, but female friendships are what give us humor, happiness and strength. Life gets complicated and busy every year, but there should always be time for the girls in our lives. 

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  1. Pick the right day. You want to make sure that your friends are free to get together and that means choosing a day where everyone is free. It doesn’t have to be a weekend night, but it does have to be carefully executed so that you can get everyone together.
  2. Choose a theme. You do not have to have a standard dinner at a restaurant. You can theme your night with the girls and it can be so much fun. We may grow up but that doesn’t mean that we grow out of sleepovers, right? Pajama parties, games nights, lip sync battles and more. You could have a classic night where the Sidecar and the Gimlet feature as your cocktails of choice. You can even have delicious nibbles that match the theme. S’mores and pajamas, chips, dips and games night – you know the drill.
  3. Add a cocktail or two. A good girls night has both non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks, but a themed cocktail or two makes the night less stressful. You can add a range of cocktails and have fun making them together. You could even have someone come in and teach you how to do it!
  4. Get ahead with your prep. You don’t want to be stuck all night in the kitchen slaving over the stove, so make a point of prepping and cooking ahead of time so you can be with your friends instead. You want to get out there into the dining room and be involved in the conversation.
  5. Take pictures. The idea of making memories has to be a part of your girly night in, and a camera or five is a must! Set up a tripod to take photos and videos and get some polaroids, too! You want to take amazing photos and that involves getting everyone involved in taking them, too. 
  6. Say no to partners. This is a girly night, not a night to bring partners and spouses. This is just for you girls to get together and gossip, eat and drink until you are feeling merry and happy. Say no to extra guests and make a point of having a night that’s just for you. You won’t regret the time that you spend together in this way and you’ll always remember it as a wonderful time.

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