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Party Ideas for an 8 Year Old

birthday party ideas for an 8 year old

Throwing a party for an 8-year-old can be tricky. Whatever their gender, many 8-year-olds will want to impress their friends with their great party, and might pressure you to deliver on all the goods. As a parent this can be stressful – and expensive – as you’ll already have spent a while thinking about what gift to get them (here’s a great place for toys for an 8 year old). So, if you’re struggling for inspiration, here are some good party ideas for your 8-year-old. 

Pamper party

Some 8-year-olds become fascinated with the idea of pampering, and love painting nails, trying on clothes and experimenting with different products. Perhaps they’ve heard about your trips to a spa, or been envious of their idols on TV. If your 8-year-old is like this, why not treat them and their friends to a pamper party? It can be fun and super straight forward. Set up some different beauty areas like a nail bar, relaxation area and a foot soak, and make some healthy, non-chemical face masks. The kids will feel like superstars in no time. Don’t forget the sliced cucumber!

Outdoor adventure party

If your 8-year-old prefers covering themselves with mud in a different way, they might enjoy an outdoor adventure party. There are so many different options for outdoor parties, including camping, go-karting or kayaking, and these can bring out the thrill seekers within. Just make sure that all the kids invited enjoy this kind of activity and are up for a challenge. You might need to restrict the number of guests, too, because activities like these can be more expensive, depending on which you choose.

Theme park

If your child likes a different kind of adventure, they might enjoy a party in a theme park. Of course, you’ll have to pick somewhere that is suitable for 8-year-olds, as many theme parks have height restrictions and the rides can be very scary. However, there are plenty of child friendly theme parks such as Wicksteed Park, Legoland and Blackpool Pleasure Beach. Again, you may wish to have a small guest list because prices can be high depending on what time of year you visit. 

Indoor activity party

If you’re on a tight budget and your 8-year-old wants to invite lots of friends, never underestimate the classic indoor activity party. The great thing about an indoor party is that you can prepare loads of different games and the party can feel personal. Plus, you’re in the comfort of your own home so you don’t need to worry about too many dangers or hazards. If you’re planning an indoor party, stock up on kid-friendly party food, prepare a playlist and clear the area of anything that could get broken. Popular games include duck duck goose, pass the parcel, the chocolate game, pin the tail on the donkey, musical chairs and musical statues. Whatever gets them moving around and interacting with each other is great, as they’ll have a lot of energy to burn.

Don’t forget to prepare party bags and have prizes for the winners! 


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