Our Weekend – Mothering Sunday

After a hectic weekend last week I was really looking forward to some down time at home this weekend and that’s exactly what I got.

Matt managed to avoid much of the race traffic in Cheltenham on his way home from work on Friday night and so we had time for a swift pint at the pub.  I love having a drink at the pub after work, especially on a Friday, it’s a really nice time for us all to catch up and unwind for an hour before heading home. Florence is as good as gold at the pub and as we’d had a busy day she actually ended up having her dinner there which she loved followed by a chocolate ice cream.  Logan wasn’t with us this weekend but I always think about him when we’re spending time as a family.

Once home we did the usual bedtime routine and then had homemade meatballs in a tomato sauce.  A real comforting meal for what had been a grizzly, overcast day.

Matt had to work Saturday morning for a few hours so once I’d dropped Logans swimming goggles off at the pool for his lesson (he greeted me with a big hug and a Mothers Day card), Florence and I headed over to Cheltenham too and went into town on the hunt for some Elsa pyjamas.  That girl is Disney Princes mad! Marks and Spencers came to the rescue and we actually picked up a twin set of pjs in the sale and also a more summery pair of pjs which had the much beloved Frozen princess on.  Matt finished earlier then expected and came to meet us.  We headed to House of Fraser where Matt found some Haviana flip flops and a new Hugo Boss T-Shirt and finally we slipped into Joules and I picked up a gorgeous top with an embellished neck line.  I was a little narked as I spotted about three tops I liked but they didn’t have any in my size.



The rest of the day was pretty chilled and we had some of our good friends over in the evening and got an indian takeaway.

Of course Sunday was Mothering Sunday and I was a little sad that one of the kids wasn’t around but I had a couple of handmade cards, a lovely card from both the kids and some handmade flowers from Florence. Matt did all the nappy changes which was a real treat and I even got two coffees before we headed to see nanny.


Lunch on Sunday was absolutely epic at our local pub, we all had a carvery and Matt and I had Oreo Cookie Cheesecake and icecream for pudding. It was nice to see the local so busy for a change as the food and service really was good.  Once again Florence behaved well and ate most of her chicken carvery followed by more chocolate ice cream!  The rest of the day was spent relaxing at home and perusing Rightmove!



I hope everyone else had a lovely Mothering Sunday.



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