My favourite room: our kitchen!

Since moving into our new home in September 2015 we have slowly been adding furniture and decorative pieces to make it feel more like a home.  Our main focus on the ground floor of the house has been the kitchen.  We spend a very large proportion of our day in the kitchen as I can cook dinner or wash dishes whilst the children watch TV or play with their toys on the rug.

They say a kitchen sells a home and that was true in our case. The kitchen runs from the front of the house to the back so we have windows/doors at either end.  There is also a side door leading out on to the driveway and a set of three windows above the cooking area.  These windows are one of my favourite features in the kitchen as they let so much light stream in whilst we are cooking.  I’d like to add some VELUX blinds* to these windows so we have the option to close them during the winter months and whilst we are on holiday or away from the house for long periods of time.  It would also add a great pop of colour to the kitchen.

kitchen, windows

Whilst we’re on the topic of lighting; we’ve added large ceiling lights and a floor lamp in dark grey – at first they hung far too low and everyone kept banging their heads on them but we’ve since raised them a few inches and now they’re just the ticket!

kitchen, lounge, yellow, lighting

One of my favourite colour combinations at the moment has to be Grey, Yellow and White and with our kitchen units being a gloss white and the floor a dark grey it seemed natural to bring the addition of Yellow into the soft furnishings and decor.

kitchen, home, soft furnishings

I’m still working on our picture wall but it’s getting there.  It’s largely focused around our wedding day with special photos and quotes from the day.  We also have our wedding invitation framed which is a lovely memory to look back on. I’ve started to add some of the kids artwork in too as I feel personal touches like this really make a room feel loved and lived in.

picture wall, kitchen


*This post has been written in collaboration with Velux.



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