A Fresh Start


I can’t help but feel inspired at the start of a New Year. It’s a bit like starting a new exercise book when you’re at school; you want to try your hardest to make it as neat and tidy as possible. That’s how I feel now. I want 2018 to be the year where we get things straight. I’ve been pregnant, on and off, for around two years and it’s now time for normal service to resume.

I want to get my body back to how I want it to be and how I feel comfortable, I want my blog and You Tube channel to come back to life with fun and creative content. I want to be a good mum and not the ‘mombie’ I’ve been schlepping around as for the past few years. I’ve been on a massive declutter of the house too which feels fantastic but it will be ongoing well into 2018.

I don’t have much time hence the lack of content on my blog recently but it is getting easier as the girls get a little older and we fall into a routine. I struggled. At the beginning it was hard. There’s no denying the days I cried were far more frequent than the days I didn’t. But I’m hoping those days are behind us and I can start spending more time on things I enjoy as well as being the kind of mum I’d like to be. I think 2018 is a year for balance. I can’t do it all. Some days I won’t do much but change nappies and cuddle babies and that’s fine. But I’d like to counter those days with times where I sit and write some great content for my blog or edit a video from our latest holiday or day out to keep those precious memories alive.

I’ve set myself a few goals for the year just to keep me on track. It’s a bit of a mix bag but here goes…

  1. Lose the final stone of baby weight before we go abroad in April
  2. Increase my social media interaction to build meaningful relationships – don’t just hit the like or heart!
  3. Create content for both my blog and You Tube channel on a regular basis
  4. Be more positive – in all aspects of life
  5. Record more everyday memories
  6. Be more organised

They’re a little loose and woolly but that’s just the vibe I want at the moment….not too much pressure but something to focus on.

It’s not about the numbers or stats for me this year. I just want to focus on making content; organic and original content and growing a little tribe of followers who like to see what me and my family are up to.

p.s. Excuse the red cheeks in the photo – we’d just been to Elftopia but more about that in another post!


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