Moving Elsie from a cot to a bed

bedtime routine

And just like that Elsie sleeps in a bed! It’s only a toddler bed but it’s still a bed and she’s taken to it better than we could have ever imagined. I’m not going to lie and say it’s been smooth sailing but it’s not been as bad as we thought. Anyone who knows Elsie will know that she’s…..lets say ‘spirited’ and so we had prepared ourselves for the worst. We also have the benefit of hindsight and had a few issues with Florence. The big difference this time is that Elsie is much older than Florence was when we made the transition. I know, to some, 20 months is still too young to go into a bed but we kind of needed her cot for the next tenant – Mabel!

We’ve had the toddler bed in storage since Florence moved into a single bed a few years ago. It’s a cute little Peppa Pig bed and just the right size for Elsie. We brought it in from the garage a couple of weeks ago to give it a chance to warm up, and dry out in case it had become damp. We also cleaned it down as a few spiders had inevitably made their home on it (only he best for our kids eh?!)

Elsie had seen the bed dismantled but obviously didn’t know what it was about to become. Over the weekend Matt dismantled the cot and Elsie was very interested. The cot was moved into another bedroom and the Peppa bed was erected in its place. Elsie seemed keen at first but then stood at the door way, pointing at the bed saying “noooo, nooooo”. Hmmmm….

Anyway, as bedtime rolled around we mentioned about her bed and she seemed keen. I took her up to bed, minus the sleeping bag she usually sleeps in, and she drank her milk in her bedroom as she usually would. I popped her in bed, tucked her in and that was that. I seemed to go too well! Matt was shocked when I appeared back downstairs within a few minutes of taking her up.


During the night Elsie only woke once at around 3am. She had managed to get herself scrunched up into a ball on her pillow and didn’t seem to know which way around she was. I led her back down, tucked her in and popped her bedtime music on and she was out like a light until around 5:30am. We usually get up at 6am anyway so that wasn’t really a problem.

I think the fact we kept everything the same as usual, besides the bed, really seemed to help. Elsie was also there when we removed the cot and put the bed up. Involving her in the process was probably to her (and our) benefit also.

I’d love to know what age you moved your toddler from a cot to a bed – there seems to be a lot of variance from the people I’ve spoken to about it already.



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