It’s been one heck of a week!

I literally feel (and look) like I’ve been dragged through a hedge backwards – it’s been one heck of a week and it’s not even over yet! I guess it started with a busy weekend as it was Matts birthday so we woke up Monday feeling a bit like we needed another day off but a day off we didn’t get.

Matt had left for work by 6:30am and I did the usual morning routine including dressing Florence and packing her bag with enough pairs of knickers to last a month. I dropped her at nursery for breakfast club at 7:30am and went to collect my dad so we could go to the office in Bicester. We had only planned half a day in the office as dad had recently had an operation on his eye and he wasn’t supposed to be putting it under much strain.

Mid morning I had a call from Logan’s nan (on his dads side) to say he had Impetigo (panic) but the doctor had given him cream and he was back at school. Phew – mini panic over. Within half an hour I get a call from Florences nursery to say she has some suspicious looking marks on her arm and belly. I knew what they were referring to and wondered what they were myself. They didn’t look bad to me hence why we did nothing but the nursery seemed to think they looked worse then the morning so I made an appointment at the doctors and jumped in the car to head back to collect her. It’s about an hour and fifteen minutes to the nursery so by the time I got there it was mid afternoon.

As I pulled up into the car park my phone rang and it was our estate agents, they had confirmed the second viewing was really positive and the couple were still keen. I was beaming with the news and they also suggested that we would have an offer by the end of the week. We’re still waiting but it’s only Thursday so fingers are very much crossed.

The doctor confirmed it was looking a lot like Impetigo and prescribed a disgustingly pink and smelly antibiotic oral medication.

Now I’d temporarily sorted that problem I had to dart over to my sons school, which is about 10 miles away, and go to his parents evening. I could have missed it due to the days circumstances but as a part time parent I feel even more guilty not attending such events. He’s doing great in case you wondered!


Finally home and I had the first battle with Florence about her medication – she hates taking it as some of you might have seen on my Instagram. I’ve tried mixing it with her food and drinks but she knows straight away as it’s such a strong taste and smell. Shovelling it in or pleading with her is the only way.

I think Matt and I had oven pizzas that evening, slobbed on the sofa, barely able to generate conversation. I was supposed to cook but it was 8:15pm by the time Florence was in bed, Matt got home from the gym and I had done Level 1 of the 30 Day Shred (ouch). Today, Monday, had been such a rollercoaster and I wondered how I would get through the week! Florence wasn’t allowed to go in to nursery for her usual Tuesday and Wednesday sessions due to policy so as well as trying to work from home I had to entertain her and give her medicine FOUR TIMES a bloody day.


I could continue this post ranting about how difficult life with a toddler is but you’re all fully aware I’m sure and we were basically house bound with the exception of taking her to football training on Wednesday. My work still got done and so I guess I/we survived. Tonight I HAVE to cook something as Matt ate out Tuesday night with his mates and we had fish and chips last night so we’re both craving something wholesome and homemade.

I feel like I have just typed up a whole weeks worth of stuff but that was just a day! Does anyone else ever feel like they’re going 100mph all the bloody time?!


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