Is Florence Potty Trained?

AMAZING! I can’t believe that I am writing this post.  Our beautiful but cheeky little monkey Florence May seems to have cracked the potty.  Numbers 1’s only I might add!

We’ve been away for a week sunning ourselves in the Canaries and prior to this we hadn’t really made a massive effort to potty train as Flo just didn’t seem ready and the last thing we wanted on a four hour flight was a semi potty trained toddler! So, last Friday Flo and I had our usual day at home and I thought “right – that’s it, time to try again.” I popped her in the bath and after put her in knickers.  I left her in my bedroom watching TV while I showered and explained that the potty was just there (literally a foot from here) if she needed to use it.  Nervously (mainly for my lovely M&S bedding) I jumped in the shower and lathered up as quick as humanly possible.  Dreading what I might see when I popped my head around the corner I was delighted to see little madam had put herself on the potty and was sat watching Zack and Quack! She jumped up when she saw me and said “look mummy”!  I couldn’t believe my eyes for there was a tiny wee! I gave her a high ten and a cuddle and away we went.  I made the most basic of sticker charts for her using some stickers which had been lying around from her brothers xmas stocking but she was chuffed to bits to put her first sticker on.


The deal was, one wee equals one sticker – once she gets to ten stickers she gets a Disney Princess. Well could I get her off the flaming thing? No, of course not – she weed on the potty more times in one hour then she’s ever done in 24hrs I think! Not that I’m complaining as I think the sensation of actually going and knowing when you’ve finished is a key skill to learn.

The weekend carried on in this vane, yeh we had accidents along the way but that’s all part and parcel of the potty training game I guess. Sunday got really fun when we had a soiled accident in knickers.  Suffice to say we suffered our first knicker casualty that day.

Today’s Monday and I drove Florence to nursery in knickers.  We survived the journey and I made her key worker aware of her progress to date.  I really hope Florence continues to do as well as she has been at home.  I’m so proud of her and her reaction when she does a wee is priceless.  I’m a little sad that she’s growing up so quickly, it’s kind of the last babyish thing about her but I will be glad to see the back of nappy changes for sure.



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