How to Best Remember a Loved One

The pain of losing someone close to us can be overwhelming and all-consuming. It can be traumatic and suffocating, and it can make life very difficult to live because we’re spending all of our time thinking about how much we miss them. Losing people is painful, but as humans we are very good at putting ourselves back together. 

We lean on each other and we remember our loved ones by talking about them, remembering them and ensuring that their memory stays as alive as possible. Time is a marvellous thing for healing, and the sharpness of a loss eventually dulls into an ache that we can manage. This is all a part of the healing process, and remembering our loved ones is much easier when we have things in our lives that include them – even just the memory of them.

losing someone
  • Cook their favourite dish. Something can be said about how cooking is therapeutic, but if you want to remember someone you lost, cooking their favorite dish and eating together as a family is a great place to start. You can remember them in the scent of the food cooking, the way they laughed as they mixed their dishes. You can remember what it was like to sit together and laugh about all of the things you had together in life.
  • Invest in something sparkly. Did you know that there is such a thing as cremation ash jewelry cross pendants? These pendants are going to give you something to hold close to your heart – literally. You can keep a piece of them with you at all times, and you will find that you are comforted by that closeness that you feel.
  • Write a journal dedicated to your loved one. You can keep up with posts that allow you to talk about what’s really important to you, all the news you want to tell them and all the things that you want to talk about. Like cooking, writing can be very therapeutic for your healing and it can help you to feel as if they are listening to you. Writing doesn’t have to be perfect: there can be spelling and grammar issues, but you have to know that you are giving them a piece of you that will allow you to remember them whenever you open a page.
  • Talk to them. When we lose someone, we need to articulate aloud how we are feeling. Not only can it help to let it all out, you can feel like you are still talking to the person that you love. It can help you to work through your feelings when you pretend you’re talking to them, too!

We love, we lose. It’s how life goes sometimes. The best thing that we can do is work to ensure that we are getting through losing someone and not being left behind in grief. Take the time to work out what will ensure that you are able to move forward. This will help you to heal.


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