Got an Unwanted Gift – Here’s What You Can Do With It

If you’ve ever received an unwanted gift then you’ll probably know just how uncomfortable and awkward it can feel. However, it’s usually best to just accept it and thank whoever gave it to you so that you avoid any weird situations. But if you really can’t find a use for it or if you don’t really want it, then there are a couple of thoughtful things that you can do.

unwanted gift

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Let the person know that they don’t have to get you a gift

Whether you’ve received an unwanted mother’s day gift or someone gave you a birthday present of an item that you already have, it’s usually best not to outright say that you don’t want the gift or have no use for it. No matter what happens, you should accept the gift and the thought that went into it!

But you can always tell them that they don’t need to give you anything, especially if they have a track record of always missing when it comes to gifts. Most people would be fine just receiving some birthday wishes or even just a phone call to catch up. You don’t always need to buy someone a gift, and sometimes those thoughtful feelings are enough of a gift.

If you got a gift card, consider selling it

Gift cards are a somewhat thoughtful gift, but they can also make you spend a lot more money than you initially planned to. They’re a smart way to get you to spend more money, especially if you get a gift card for a high-end fashion store or something similar.

So if you want to dispose of them without spending more money, you can actually just sell Apple gift cards, store gift cards, and even digital gift cards by using certain services. They’ll take the code and deposit the money into your account, making it a quick and simple way to dispose of the gift card and get money from it.

Take the receipt and return it to the store

Some people know that you might not like the gift they’ve sent you, so they might include the receipt with it so that you can always return it. It’s an extra step that you might not be bothered to take, but it’s still a good way to get rid of the gift and claim the value back.

Alternatively, you might need to ask your recipient for the receipt. They might feel a little upset that you decided to return it, but there’s a good chance they’ll be a good sport about it, especially if you already own the item.

Donate it to a thrift store

If you got a present such as clothing then you could always donate it to a thrift store. This is a fantastic way to give the clothes to a charitable cause without feeling too bad about it. This is especially true if it’s common gifts such as Christmas socks.

Another good idea will be to donate them to the charity organizations like the Salvation Army. And even though you may not get any monetary return in this instance, donating makes an enormous difference in someone’s life. It is worth noting that when people donate clothes, they abide by certain rules and regulations. This includes donating items without fault. Hopefully, you can make that difference.

In some cases, you could even sell random unwanted bits of clothing to make a bit of cash from it!


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