Feeling uninspired

I’m feeling so uninspired recently and I can’t quite put my finger on why. I have an urge to sit and write lots, make plentiful notes in pretty notepads and film tonnes of videos and edit my heart out. But then I just don’t. I sit during nap times and think thank f**k she’s asleep and wonder how I’ll cope through until bed time.
I’m the sort of person that likes to do something properly or I don’t want to do it. I like to put my all into something and produce something I’m proud of. I’ve written many half hearted blog posts just to ‘get something up’ but they’re mostly sitting in my drafts because I feel like a fraud writing something just for the sake of it. Who cares what colour nail varnish I’m loving this week or what my meal plan is? I don’t!

I think since Florence started school we’ve been on a slippery slope of illness. Florence has had a cough since the week before half term and she’s just coming to the end of it. Since then Matts been ill, Elsie’s been really ill with a high temp and all that jazz and I’ve just come down with the same cough and cold Matt had. I cried at the breakfast table this morning as I wondered how I’d find the energy to make a sodding pack lunch. And actually I did make the pack lunch and then Florence informed me she wanted hot dinners *insert red angry emoji*

I’m praying, with all my mite, that we’re all going to be back on top form by Christmas Eve because I really want to immerse myself in it all. It’s our turn to have Logan with us for Christmas Day and seeing as it’s Elsie’s first Christmas it just feels like it’s going to be really special.

I guess I’ve said all I need to. Hopefully just tapping this out has made me feel better. Bugger, ive got to go anyway….Tesco’s is here. I bloody hate putting the shopping away.


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