Endings and Beginnings

September is so bittersweet and never more so than this year. Full of endings and beginnings it’s a time to reflect and move on. A time to appreciate what was and a time to feel excited about what will be.

For me, September feels more like the start of a new year than January. I love the back to school newness in the shops and the feeling of cooler air following a humid summer.

Four years with Florence has come to an end. Although she spent much time at nursery in her earlier years, I have spent the last 18 months with her for a large part of the week and for the last seven weeks or so we have been together solidly. I will miss her cheeky attitude but I know she is more than ready for school. It must have been hard for her since Elsie came along. The first summer where Flo has been old enough to really enjoy a good, outdoors adventure and I had to say “no” a lot of the time because Elsie was just so small and needy still.

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Although Florence has a big personality in her own way I am so excited to see how school changes her, to see her interests develop and friendships grow. She will get so much more from school than I am able to provide at home. Her induction is a slow one.  As a July baby she starts after most of the other children and does three weeks of half days. It seems a little extreme to me but as long as she settles well that’s absolutely all that matters.

As a result of Florence starting school I am beginning to experience my first proper one on one time with Elsie and the timing couldn’t be better.  She has, in the last week, found her hands and feet. She wakes up holding her toes and she will grab something if you pass it to her, albeit slowly! Her personality and capabilities are developing daily and we’re really beginning to get into a routine.


I’ve never experienced such a long time at home with any of my children.  Logan was about 6 weeks old when I went back to work and Florence went to nursery at around 4.5 months old so I could go back to work full time. Although Elsie is only just coming up to 4 months old, I fully intend to continue to be her sole carer until she is at least one.  I do think it’s important that children experience the social aspect which nursery brings so we will perhaps look into that next year and I can think about earning again.

I always wanted the girls to be closer in age then they are but it’s kind of worked out for the best; Florence had my undivided attention for her early years and now Elsie will have the same as Florence starts her big adventure.

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  1. September 12, 2016 / 6:52 pm

    Oh lovely, what a time of change. Florence looks so grown up in her uniform. It will be lovely for you to spend time with Elsie. And I absolutely adore that photograph of you and Elsie. You are stunning. Huge Lucy xxxx

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