Elsie at Two Years

two years old toddler

Whilst scrolling through my Facebook feed last night I came across a post by Hannah, of Hi Baby blog,¬†which was basically a list of all the things she wants to remember about her daughter Luisa at her current age. It was such a sweet post (you can read it here) that I’m going to hijack the idea and use it over here. As Elsie’s just turned two I thought it would be a good time to list ten things I’d like to remember about Elsie at two years.

elsie at two years

  1. Snuggy Lion, a cheap comforter from Home Bargains, is her one true love and she won’t go to bed without it. Elsie loves to stroke the silky tags and fiddle with it whilst she’s drinking her bedtime milk. I’ve tried to get hold of a duplicate as we’re bound to lose it sooner or later but I keep getting outbid on eBay and they don’t seem to sell them in Home Bargains any more!
  2. Dancing is her thing – if a jazzy tune comes on the TV you can guarantee she’ll be swinging her arms and smiling away
  3. Elsie loves to draw, paint, colour and craft. Basically anything that makes a mess and she’s in her element.
  4. She has the beginnings of speech, which is so sweet to hear, and her favourite words are “pweeeeeeeeease”, “taste” (whilst rubbing her belly meaning something’s tasty) and “bits” for when she wants breakfast.
  5. Food is life. Elsie loves all food. I’ve caught Elsie eating things out of the cupboard, from under Mabel’s high chair and she’s also been known to try the cats biscuits!
  6. The poor cat, Ginger, is Elsie’s reluctant best friend. Elsie can say cat but she prefers to just shout “neoooowww” whilst chasing after her. Ginger has learnt to stay hidden until 7pm!
  7. Elsie’s an outdoorsy kind of girl and will put wellies on with every single outfit or in any kind of weather. Unless it’s boiling hot I just let her do her own thing. You’ve got to pick your battles when you’ve got four kids.
  8. Elsie’s quite capable of standing her ground.¬†Last week some older kids (around 7 years old) were blocking the slide so Elsie just let out some kind of loud roar and they all moved.
  9. I’m trying to teach Elsie how to count, beginning with 1, 2, 3 but Elsie just says “two, two, two!” and looks extremely proud of herself.
  10. Favourite TV shows are Ben and Holly, Masha and The Bear, Dora the Explorer, Topsy and Tim and Waffle the Dog.


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