Now I know why my office is always a mess!

Finally! Finally there is a reason I leave a trail of mess wherever I go. It’s not my fault at all – it’s all down to my star sign! Leo, in case you were wondering.

My husband used to roll his eyes every time he stepped into our home ‘office’. I use the word office in the loosest sense. I don’t think you could see the desk under the piles of washing, the spare vacuum bags and the boxes of play doh and craft kits. It was never supposed to be a fancy office by any stretch of the imagination – we set it up as a quick make shift office when we moved in with a basic table and hunted out some cheap office chairs.

However, it soon became overrun and I ended up migrating to different spaces in the house to work. Turns out it wasn’t the room, it was me. I seem to be physically unable to keep my working space organised. Something I’m trying hard to fix.

I was always the same when I worked in a public office too. I’d have great intentions of becoming this organised and professional individual with a cool minimal desk vibe but ended up with crumbs from my lunch strewn over the keyboard, old coffee cups left for days and post-its stuck in every conceivable space. Not something I’m proud of!

My Furniture at Work have just released this infographic which shows how messy or tidy you are as a person based on your horoscope and I have to say, for me, it’s pretty accurate. Although it’s probably more likely to be my fast food wrappers in the glove compartment of my car, not my friends! Whoops!

How accurate is it for you? I’d love to know whether it’s correct or if not, how does it differ to your real life personality?

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