Dangers of Online Gaming Among Teens

online gaming among teens

It is arguably true that technology is evolving at a tremendous rate. Over the years, online gaming is gaining popularity, more so among teenagers. If gaming is done in moderation it can be fun. Well, gaming has more demerits compared to its merits. Were you aware of that? If not, let’s sail along together up to this article’s epilogue as we learn more about the dangers of gaming among teenagers.

Webcam Dangers

Some years back, webcams used to be separate peripheral devices that were connected to the computer manually. Over the years, webcams have become major targets in the online gaming industry. They are easily hacked, and this will affect your privacy.

Teenagers are likely to be victims of webcam hacks, more so when they login into dark web gaming sites. Once the webcam is hacked, your child will be easily monitored, and this may be the root of blackmails and other evils.

Malware and Viruses

Both online gaming and video gaming industries are highly associated with cybersecurity threats. For online gaming, some sites are risky, and they may contain viruses that will affect your computer and lead to malfunctioning. The video game CDs may also contain viruses, which will, in turn, destroy your gaming console.

Online Harassment and Bullying

According to statistics, many players who engage in online slots gaming are harassed and bullied. This mainly happens when an online gaming stranger talks to you and pressure you to engage in negative behaviors. Online harassment further extends to when you are asked for your details or other private information, mainly used for blackmail purposes.

There are different forms of bullying and harassment you, as a teen, may be exposed to. The best remedy is to avoid online gaming like the plague.

Account Takeovers and Phishing Scams

 Online gaming scams have also been on a steady rise in our current society. One of the recent tactics is account takeovers. This mainly involved the sending of phishing links to unsuspecting users, more so teens. 

Once the scammer has full control of your account, fraudulent charges will be placed on any available attached cards. Young gamers are at a high risk of such hacks. The next time you log into your gaming account, you will notice your balance is used up, and there are some activities on your credit card. The fraudulent activities placed on your card may even lead you to trouble with the authorities. 


Money is paramount for one to participate in online gaming. Teens may tend to steal money from their parents to sustain their online gaming behavior, more so when they are addicted. The parents shouldn’t tolerate any theft-like behavior in teens, mainly those involved in gaming.

Final Thought

It’s crystal clear that online gaming has many disadvantages, more so in teens. It is a collective responsibility to both the parents and the teens to mitigate online gaming in their families. Parents should also be aware of the challenges his/her teen is going through more so when engaging in online activities. 


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