Choosing the Right Family Dentist for You and Your Kids

Of all the health concerns that you shouldn’t ignore, your teeth can be some of the most important to pay attention to on a regular basis. Once your adult teeth are gone, they’re gone for good, after all. As such, you want to make sure your family is on the right track with the help of a family dentist. But how do you choose one? Here are a few criteria to do just that.


They’re certified, qualified, and approved

The first thing that you should check on any dental practice’s website is making sure that they have all of the qualifications that they need. Usually, they will list the specific qualifications, experience, and specializations of the individual dentists. This can help you make sure you’re choosing the right dentist for your needs. You can also look on the website to make sure that they’re associated with organizations like the Australian Dental Association. While there are no guarantees to what kind of experience you will have with a dentist, these kinds of associations can at least assure you of their professionalism.

They have a good reputation

If you live near the dental practice in question, then you should be able to get a good idea of their reputation simply by asking around. There’s a good chance a member of the family or a friend will have had experiences with them. Of course, you should try and temper their personal anecdotes with online review sites that can give you a much better idea of how the average patient feels about them. However, if you hear some really bad horror stories, then no one can blame you for going with your gut. Similarly, if they have a sterling record, it’s worth checking them out.

They will let you visit with your kids

Of course, you can’t learn everything that you need to know about a dental practice simply by reading about them online. You might want some hands-on experience and they should be willing to give you that, like a pre-appointment visit with a practice such as Wahroonga Dental before the first time meeting the dentist. Not only can this help you answer some questions and feel comfortable about the practice, but it can also help quell any anxiety about the appointment from the perspective of the kids, too.

How they handle your needs

It’s worth taking a trip to the dental practice to make sure that you feel comfortable there. However, you might also have specific needs that you want to ensure that they can take care of,. This can include early age dental visits, how they might treat patients who experience dental anxiety, as well as what they can do for your in dental emergencies. Know what your needs are and be ready to ask about them.

Regular appointments with your family dentist are but one step of ensuring the oral health of your family. You can’t neglect to follow up on their treatment and advice with routine care at home, too.


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