Blog Your Way to the Bank!

Most people begin blogging as a bit of a hobby, a way to document their life or perhaps share something they have experienced. I’m not quite sure why I started.  Work was pretty stressful at the time and with two young children I felt like I needed a release; somewhere that was just mine.

I never envisaged my blog would have grown in the way it has and it has certainly opened my eyes to what’s possible from blogging. I remember, a few months after I started blogging, I came across various social groups online and realised people were making decent money from blogging. It was a total revelation to me.

There’s no denying it’s hard to get yourself out there; you spend hours online and your friends and family might think you’ve turned into a social recluse. After a few years slogging away at this myself my best advice would be to listen to the professionals.  They know their stuff and they’ve done the hard work for you.  Have a read of Blogging Your Way To Riches – a recent release from two ladies who have collaborated to bring you everything you need to know about blogging from pitching and pricing to content and marketing. Even if you’re not a newbie blogger, this book will help you refocus and evaluate what is and isn’t worth the worry when it comes to your blog.


I find this book, and it’s authors, very relatable. Both Emma and Lynn are mum’s just like me – they’re normal people who had day jobs in accountancy and teaching. However, blogging is now their full time career and they’ve stared the highs and lows of their experience in the book.

It’s very easy, when you first start out blogging, to undersell yourself as inexperienced compared to others but as Lynn notes in the book; this is one of the biggest lessons she has learnt along her journey. Great content is worth something whether you’ve been blogging for two weeks or two years. And, if you have been blogging for two years and already earn from your blog there’s always room for improvement! I guarantee Lynn and Emma will improve your blogging game no end.


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