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5 Ways to Spoil Dad – Even After Father’s Day

5The father figure in your life plays an important part in your upbringing and your childhood. And while we all rush to (deservedly) spoil our mums on Mother’s Day with fancy meals, pampering sessions, candles and books – it’s not always easy to spoil your dad in the same way.

I usually find myself scratching my head, wondering what on earth to treat my dad to, not just when Father’s Day comes around, but any day after that! I’m sure he’d love a crate of his favourite beer or even a collection of silver dollars (for more information on investment pieces, click the link) but if I’m hoping for something meaningful, then I’m pretty stumped! 

So, with that in mind I’ve come up with 5 ways you can spoil your dad – even after Father’s Day! 

Take him out to eat 
Your dad might not want to get all dressed up and sit in a fancy restaurant to eat. He might prefer just to head to a laid back eatery at lunch and enjoy some hearty comfort food! So, treat your dad to some lunch! Let him choose the place, or if you know of somewhere that you think he might like, then make it a surprise.

Mow the lawn (or help)
Dad’s like things done in a certain way…so I think if I tried to help my dad with the lawn he’d probably prefer to do it himself! If that sounds a lot like your dad, don’t worry – why not offer to help him instead? Picking up the grass cuttings, passing him tools while he has his head under a car bonnet, helping him with other garden maintenance. He’ll certainly appreciate the help!

Make him his favourite meal
Whether your dad likes curry or something Italian – flex your culinary skills and have a go at making his favourite meal for him! Don’t forget a scrumptious desert too and top it all off with a bottle of his favourite beer and he’ll certainly be happy with that!

Take him to his favourite game
Is your dad an avid football fan? Or someone that loves ice hockey, rugby or maybe even snooker? Whatever your dads favourite sport is, try and get him tickets to see his favourite team or sports personalities in person. It doesn’t matter if the game in question is months in advance (which will usually be the case) it’s something for you both to look forward to and a wonderful chance for you to spend some quality time together

Watch his favourite movie
Your dad might be adamant that the original Star Wars films are the best in the franchise, or he might prefer a black and white classic instead. Whatever his film opinions might be, make an evening of it! Put on his favourite film, get plenty of snacks and drinks and enjoy the film together. Even if he does a running commentary all the way through it (my dad’s favourite trick) – at least you’re spending some time together! 


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