5 Ways to Make Cash Fast

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I don’t think you’d be human if you didn’t think to yourself at least once a month “I could really do with a bit of extra cash”. We all have those months where everyone has a birthday, pets run up huge vets bills and the car need four new tyres – the ‘when it rains, it pours scenario’. So, with this in mind I thought I would share five ways to raise cash fast!

  1. Declutter and cash in!
    Who doesn’t love a decluttering session? I’m obsessed with watching all the minimalism videos that are doing the rounds on You Tube at the moment so why not make some cash at the same time – after all; one mans trash is another mans treasure. I recently successfuly sold a few baby items that we didn’t need on a local selling site and we ended up with the equivalent of a tank of fuel for the car or a weeks worth of shopping. Some of my favourite ways to sell online are; Facebook, eBay and Shpock.
  2. Pennies make pounds
    Gather all that spare change up and take it to your local bank or Coin Star machine to be exchanged into more ‘user friendly’ denominations. If you’re anything like us, you’ll have jars and pots of loose change dotted around the house which never really gets used apart from fishing out the odd 20p for parking. We often do this with the kids piggy banks as they seem to accumulate coppers the fastest and it’s surprising how quickly it adds up. Before you know it you’ve got £10 in pound coins or a note and it suddenly feels spendable! The kids love using the Coin Star machine as it’s quite fun pouring all the money in and listening to it rattle through the machine.
  3. Don’t be too proud to borrow
    Sometimes you just don’t have time to sell your soul and you’ve already raided the penny pot. If that’s the case and you find yourself with an unexpected bill that needs paying fast don’t be too proud to search online for quick loans. Loans often get bad reps but as long as you use a reputable company and have a means of repayment it will help bridge the gap. Matt and I have both had loans in the past – it’s nothing to be ashamed of and is often the easiest option.
  4. Utilise your skills
    Do you possess amazing graphic design skills, can you build a website or are you a dab hand at writing content? You could earn money through sites like Fiverr which connect freelance service providers with those that need them. It’s easy to sign up and you could be making money quicker than you think. It’s competitive but if you’ve got an edge and the price is right you’ll be quids in.
  5. Open a shop!
    Ok, so I’m not talking about bricks and mortar and hiring staff but if you’ve got a creative flair and can whip up beautiful handmade wedding stationery or design modern wall prints why not sell it to the masses through a site like Etsy? My niece used to do exactly this and made good money from her online accessory shop. It suited her whilst on maternity leave as it fit around her lifestyle.

So, there you have it. There really isn’t any excuse to run out of cash before payday! I’d love to hear ways you make extra money online or locally off your own back – leave ideas in the comments below.


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