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4 Ways to create a child-friendly home

family friendly garden

Once you’ve had children you suddenly become very aware of potential hazards. Everywhere you look all you seem to see are ways your child could hurt themselves. We all know the basics; such as putting a stair gate across the stairs and placing covers over plug sockets but what about the things around our homes we don’t always think about – the hidden dangers. Even if you think you’ve done a great job of creating a safe environment for your children, chances are you’ve missed something.

This quick guide outlines four ways for you to make your home even more child-friendly.

  1. We all love to create beautiful nurseries for our babies when they’re small with lots of trinkets and keepsakes scattered around. However, as your baby grows, be aware of what is within their reach when they’re left alone in their cot. Often we underestimate the strength a determined baby can have and with a bit of effort they could easily pull something off a shelf or window sill or even climb on to a window sill from their cot.
  2. The garden can be full of potential dangers from plants that sting to splinters from rough wooden furniture. There are also a large variety of plants which are poisonous or cause irritation. For help to create a family-friendly garden you could refer to the new ebook created by Grasslands which is full of design tips and advice for low maintenance, family-friendly gardens.
  3. We have an electric hob and, even in Elsie’s short life, she has already had an incident where she was able to burn herself on it. To be on the safe side ensure to remove the knobs from your hob or oven (if it’s low down) to minimise the risk of your children being able to accidentally flick it on.
  4. The girls are forever inadvertently spilling their drinks. The bottles are marketed as ‘leak-proof’ but when left on their side on the kitchen floor they tend to leave a large puddle which is hard to see. As we have a shiny porcelain kitchen floor this can be a recipe for disaster resulting in slips and head bumps. Be sure to keep hard floors clean and dry – this is particularly pertinent during the winter months when wet shoes are entering the home.

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