When Things Go Wrong!

Why do bad things happen to good people? This is what I’m asking myself as we face having to buy a new washing machine and potentially pay a rather large bill on the car.  These things always happen just at the wrong time don’t they? Like the boiler breaking just as we get the first frost.

Tomorrow we’re heading off on holiday and, as result, I have been washing and ironing like a crazy woman. We’re a family of five and baby Elsie has more baggage then all of us put together! As you can imagine I was a lot already, probably one load a day, but in the last few days I’ve been using the washing machine at least twice a day.

As well as getting all the clothes washed and ironed I also like to wash all the towels and bedding so we come home to a clean, fresh house.  Nothing better than getting in your own bed at the end of a week away – especially if it’s clean!

The washing machine is only about 3 years old but it stinks despite me buying every descaling product out there.  Today I put a load on and it said one minute remaining for well over an hour.  In the end I had to stop the machine and put it on to a spin and drain cycle manually.  If the machine packs up in the next few weeks I think I’m going to have a meltdown.  There will be mountains of clothing to wash after holiday and shortly afterwards school uniforms will be making a reappearance!

Not only is the washing machine playing up but the cars decided to have a little wobbly too! We have a seven seater and the seats in the back have decided not to flap back down flat into their storage position – really not what we wanted right before we require all the boot space for our trip down to Cornwall! We’ve taken the car to the garage and we’re just waiting to hear whether it’s covered under warranty.

Unexpected bills are not nice for anyone and not everyone has savings to cover such events. Did you know that, according to a recent survey, pay day loans are said to be cheaper than using an unauthorised overdraft.  Using a company such as Vivus in a cash crisis could be just the answer for a short term fix. I guess we need to wait and see what the fate of the washing machine and car will be! Please keep your fingers crossed they live to see another week or two!

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