Reviewing the Playmobil Children’s Playground – Our First Ever Set!

You might find it hard to believe that we have four kids and have never, ever owned any Playmobil. I’ve always secretly loved the look of it and, as far as I can remember, we never had any when I was a child either. However, I do know people go mad for it so when Smyths Toys got in touch to see if the kids wanted to review the large Playmobil Children’s Playground set I couldn’t have replied fast enough!


I waited until Florence had a free evening to help me unbox and set the playground up (she does a lot of extra curricular activities). I was desperate to just sit and do it myself to be honest but I’m glad I waited as Florence really enjoyed helping build it step by step.


There aren’t any words in the instructions which makes it super simple for the kids to follow along with. I’d find the pieces and she’d put them together. Within minutes we had a few pieces of the playground built and the kids attention turned to playing with it leaving me to continue building.


The set comes with nine characters which is great as there’s no squabbling over who has who. Besides the main playground attractions, including a carousel, swings, slides, skate ramps and a see-saw, you get some lovely accessories such as a skateboard, a scooter, a pram and a whole host of picnic and BBQ items. I love that the seats on the Carousel swing upwards and outwards as it twirls around – a really nice touch which the kids loved! The safety bars on each seat of the carousel also move up and down to allow the characters to get on and off – it’s very true to life and I think this is what the kids enjoy about it.


There are also really small details that I love such as squirrels, butterflies and birds which fix on to the trees and flowers to dot around the play equipment.

We’ve had the set for around three days now and every spare second the girls get they’re playing with it – it seems to have really sparked their imagination and as it’s a fairly large set they can play together. I had to literally pull them away this morning to get ready for the school run.

smyths toys

As it so happens, before we were sent this set, we’d actually already purchased Florence a larger Playmobil set from Smyths Toys based around horses as horse riding is one of her favourite hobbies. I think she’s going to be over the moon based on her reaction to this set! The Playmobil Children’s Playground would make a fantastic Christmas gift for all children aged 4yrs + (RRP £39.99) as it doesn’t require any batteries – just open the box, click it together and play!



*We were provided with this set to review by Smyths Toys along with a £50 Smyths Toys voucher. All opinions are my own (and my children’s)! 




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