A morning at Winchcombe Fun House

winchcombe fun house soft play

Last week, at playgroup, I was talking to a couple of the other mums and one of them mentioned that a new soft play had opened in Winchcombe called Winchcombe Fun House. I immediately found their page on Facebook and gave them a like so I could stay up to date with their posts. Winchcombe is only a short drive from my house and around 15 minutes from Cheltenham and so I thought we’d go and check it out after dropping big sister at school.

The building itself is located on a small trading estate just on the outskirts of Winchcombe. Although there is plenty of parking on the estate it isn’t right outside the Fun House. We ended up entering the building through the wrong door too as although there was a sign by the door I somehow missed it. A friendly chap let us in the back door and we made our way to the front desk to pay.

The guys behind the desk were helpful and I feel at £3 per child (I’m not sure if that’s the regular price or  not) that we got good value for money. I also brought a coffee and two full size Fruit Shoots for £3.50 which, again, I feel is fair.

refreshments at winchcombe fun house

The girls were itching to get going and so we found an empty table (the only one left actually), removed their shoes and off they went. It soon became apparent that Mabel (19 months old) was a little on the small side for some of the obstacles, however with a little help from me, she managed to make it around. Elsie (almost 3 yrs) was much more able and loved that she could play independently – in fact I barely saw Elsie for the entire hour or so we were there.

winchcombe fun house

I love the fact that Winchcombe Fun House is specifically aimed at the preschool age group. It means my girls can play safely knowing they won’t get bowled over by an older child running at speed through the play area like they do in some larger soft plays we have been to. It’s not a new, shiny, fancy building but in a way that doesn’t really matter. The kids had a great time regardless and it all looked to be well maintained and safe.

winchcombe fun house baby zone

The tables were all kept very clean and tidy, there were high chairs and a microwave readily available too. I always appreciate a microwave as I know from experience how much easier it makes life when you have a baby in tow! We also took a trip to the toilets which were clean and tidy too.

Winchcombe Fun House seating

We’d have stayed longer only Mabel wasn’t in a great mood but we’ll definitely be going back and hopefully, as Mabel gets a little bigger, she can enjoy it all the more.

By the time we left Winchcombe Fun House it was empty. It’s a shame as it’s a great facility. I can only imagine it’s because people don’t know about it yet. I’ll be spreading the word as much as I can! They also do private party hire if you’re on the look out for a venue.


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