Everyone needs some ‘me time’ but never more so than when you’re a parent. I’ve tried to be a super parent and just power through but it just doesn’t work. You get tired, you get frustrated and you turn into a shouty parent. The parent that’s at the end of their tether and looks a bit crazy on the school run.

I know it’s one of those things; easier said than done. As a parent you always feel like there are a million other jobs to do before you get around to yourself. You need to clean the kids schools shoes, listen to them read, hang up their uniforms which have been left crumpled on the floor…..the list goes one. But, looking after number one is just as important as any of those jobs. What use is a frazzled, grumpy parent to a child which needs help with their science project?

When I eventually get around to some me time I like it to be just that – just me. It’s so rare I’m on my own nowadays that I love nothing more than being left with my own thoughts, a book, a laptop, perhaps a bath or tanning using my own tanning supplies. Just having the time to do a few tasks without rushing or having a small voice wittering away in the background is enough for me.

It sounds silly to think that tanning or having a bath could make you feel so good but it really does. I guess you relax more, you feel better about yourself after and you then feel ready to put your all back into your kids and what they need. It’s like pressing pause. I know the kids are asleep or with Matt and I can fully relax knowing I have an hour or so to think and do what I like. Sometimes I just like to do something really boring but have been meaning to do such as tidy my bedstead. There’s something so satisfying about getting around to something you’ve been putting off.

So go on, get the kids in bed a little earlier, get a takeaway – do anything to free up some time and spend an evening pampering yourself. You deserve it and I promise you’ll feel a million times better immediately afterwards!



I’ve been back and forth in my mind about posting these photos. Not because I feel embarrassed or ashamed. Actually, I’m not entirely sure why I wouldn’t post them, I guess posting pictures of yourself in undies isn’t the done thing unless your name’s Kim Kardashian but I really wanted to share what a ‘real’ post baby body looks like; no airbrushing, no fancy lighting and no fake tan.

Anyway, I remember the shock after giving birth to Logan seven years ago. I cried over my body image so many times. My tummy felt like crepe paper. No one ever told me about this side of motherhood. I guess I never planned motherhood at 24 years of age. I assumed being so young I’d just spring back. Instead, I comfort ate which only exacerbated the problem. You just don’t see pictures of post baby bodies do you? Unless you’ve had a baby you wouldn’t really know what to expect!

I’m not advocating these horrendous post baby diet body’s you see in magazines but I just want to be back to normal, back to what I was prior to growing a human and back wearing the clothes I have stacked up in my wardrobe from 9 months ago.  Matt and I were watching Springwatch a couple of nights ago and they were discussing lactating sows. I said to Matt “I’m a lactating sow aren’t I?” and he just chuckled and continued with whatever he was doing. But that’s kind of how I feel. Like a sow. A bit lazier than usual, a bit smellier than usual, dripping milk every time Elsie cries and slightly wirey haired!

Not a pretty picture, granted.

Anyway, I’ve lost 1st and 7lbs minimum since Elsie’s birthday, 3 weeks ago. I say minimum as the last time I weighed myself it was the week before I delivered Elsie so potentially I’ve lost even more. The numbers keep going down and every time I try my old clothes on they’re getting looser. I’ve managed to squeeze myself back into my pre maternity leggings; no doubt they’re see through but I’m in them!

The first image below was taken about 12 hours after I delivered Elsie. Despite having been through child birth twice prior to this, I still felt shocked at what I had been left with.  The subsequent photos are 1 and 3 weeks postpartum (not sure where week 2 went).  I still have over a stone to lose before I’m somewhere close to where I want to be but it’s going in the right direction and I now feel well enough to start exercising; I’ve even been considering a run!

post baby body

However, if you’re reading this and are pregnant for the first time please do not despair. After my first baby I got in the best shape of my life after dropping 47lbs thanks to WeightWatchers!


What a great title to have for a blog post eh? I have actually lost weight.  Anyone who’s tried to lose weight will know how much of an achievement this is.  I’ve lost weight in the past, in fact I lost 47lbs on the Weight Watchers plan shrinking to a tiny 8st 13lbs.  I am only 5’4″ and so any excess weight really shows.  My happy weight is 9-9.5st, about what I was when I got married. This was back in 2013, but since then the bad habits have been creeping back in and the weights been creeping on.

I was comfort eating (and drinking) because I didn’t like my job, I was comfort eating because I wasn’t getting pregnant, I had an undiagnosed underactive thyroid and so on.  I had every excuse under the sun.  The main reason I put on weight is because I consumed more calories then I burnt off in a day.  Simples really.

With three holidays booked and two weddings in 2015 I knew now was the time to do something about it. After all…..


I think Kerry Dyer posted this image on her Instagram and it’s so true, how many times in the past have I started dieting in May/June only to realise its all too little too late? Too many times, that’s how many.  So, armed with my newly acquired gym membership I took myself off to the gym on the 8th January 2015 for the very first time.  I was actually looking forward to going.  The induction was a little intimidating, everyone looking at you like the new year fat bird. But, once that was out of the way and I could pop my headphones in and forget where I was I was happy.

To begin with I struggled to make a kilometre on the treadmill……WALKING!!  This is how unfit I had become. I was tired after the ten minutes it took me to walk a kilometre and so I moved on to some machines, starting with small 2.5kg weights or more depending on the muscle I was working.

Since the 8th January I have been to the gym three times a week except the one week I had tonsillitis…..come on give me a break!  I have been trying to follow the couch to 5k plan which you can find here and so far so good.  It breaks you in slowly using a type of interval training, so you might walk for 2 minutes then jog for a minute then walk for two again and repeat this for a certain period of time.  I know it sounds lame as Matt could probably do 5k for a warm up but I really needed to start from square one.

Today, as I sit here writing with wet hair from going to the gym before work, I managed 3km of which I jogged 2.5km.  To say I am proud is an understatement and just goes to show that perseverance really does pay off.  I now crunch 22.5kg when I started on 15kg and I press 70kg on my legs when I started on 50kg.  The change in my body I felt took some time to come which can be a little deflating but I definitely see a change now.

However, exercising a lot and eating and drinking the wrong things still makes for a bad lifestyle.  I soon realised that I needed to increase my water intake if I were to be able to sustain any kind of pace at the gym.  Matt and I had salads with chicken for lunch to add protein in to our diets and we’ve sacked off the garlic breads with the evening meal.  We did try juicing but we got totally sick of that and to be able to do this we need something sustainable.  I usually instagram my lunches, you can find me on instagram here.

We still have a takeaway at the weekend, or eat out when we fancy but we just make a lot more sensible choices at home and take regular exercise.  It really is simple, you just have to want to do it.

In all honestly I didn’t weigh myself at the start of this because I couldn’t bring myself too so I only know what I’ve lost in the last sort of 6 weeks and that’s 4lbs but I have clearly lost more then that and I’d hazard a guess at a bout half a stone, maybe a little more.  Those first few weeks you could feel the weight almost falling off. I’ve still got over a stone to lose but I am so much happier with my self now.  My mood has improved (that may be down to the thyroxine I take) and my clothes fit better.  The numbers on the scale are heading in the right direction and I will be within reach of my target by summer.  Now I just need to get through the all inclusive holiday without doing too much damage!

Ten weeks progress

Ten weeks progress

11 weeks progress

11 weeks progress