Everyone needs some ‘me time’ but never more so than when you’re a parent. I’ve tried to be a super parent and just power through but it just doesn’t work. You get tired, you get frustrated and you turn into a shouty parent. The parent that’s at the end of their tether and looks a bit crazy on the school run.

I know it’s one of those things; easier said than done. As a parent you always feel like there are a million other jobs to do before you get around to yourself. You need to clean the kids schools shoes, listen to them read, hang up their uniforms which have been left crumpled on the floor…..the list goes one. But, looking after number one is just as important as any of those jobs. What use is a frazzled, grumpy parent to a child which needs help with their science project?

When I eventually get around to some me time I like it to be just that – just me. It’s so rare I’m on my own nowadays that I love nothing more than being left with my own thoughts, a book, a laptop, perhaps a bath or tanning using my own tanning supplies. Just having the time to do a few tasks without rushing or having a small voice wittering away in the background is enough for me.

It sounds silly to think that tanning or having a bath could make you feel so good but it really does. I guess you relax more, you feel better about yourself after and you then feel ready to put your all back into your kids and what they need. It’s like pressing pause. I know the kids are asleep or with Matt and I can fully relax knowing I have an hour or so to think and do what I like. Sometimes I just like to do something really boring but have been meaning to do such as tidy my bedstead. There’s something so satisfying about getting around to something you’ve been putting off.

So go on, get the kids in bed a little earlier, get a takeaway – do anything to free up some time and spend an evening pampering yourself. You deserve it and I promise you’ll feel a million times better immediately afterwards!



Like most parents I rarely treat myself; any spare income seems to get swallowed up with new school shoes, nappies and milk. I’d always put my kids before myself but now and again it’s nice to spoil yourself and with Mother’s Day just around the corner there really isn’t any better time!

Last week we were all feeling pretty under the weather and sorry for ourselves so I was absolutely delighted to be asked by Debenhams if we’d like to buy a few pre-Mother’s Day treats – it couldn’t have come at a better time. After the kids were tucked up in bed I began to look through the website – it was easy to navigate and had lots of brands I love – especially in the beauty department. I decided I wanted to treat myself to a few new cosmetics as I always feel makeup is a bit of a luxury as opposed to a necessity.

I’d just run out of my usual budget mascara and so decided to ‘plump’ (get it?) for the popular Roller Lash by Benefit. I’ve used it a few times now and I’m very impressed; lengthening, light to wear and gives you a very wide awake look. Much needed as a mum of, almost, four!

I was also growing tired of wearing the same old eye shadows and feeling like I look the same all the time so I chose the Too Faced Chocolate Bar eyeshadow palette to try and refresh my eye look a little. The packaging is stunning and it actually smells like chocolate – good enough to eat.

mother's day debenhams

Of course, I couldn’t spoil myself and not the kids so I treated each of them to a few new items of clothing. I always find girls clothes a little more exciting and I think I could have chosen at least 10 pieces for Florence alone, however, I opted for a J by Jasper Conran denim dress and t-shirt set and two basic t-shirts which will be ideal for summer. You can’t really go wrong with a denim dress and it will last across seasons with tights or bare legs.

jasper conman debenhams

My youngest daughter Elsie has far too many clothes already but I saw this little romper with the cute bee design and also saw it was low stock and just had to have it. I’ve ordered a size up so we get as much use as possible. Again it will be great for summer either with or without a t-shirt underneath and layered with a cardigan it can take her into Autumn.

mothers day debenhams

blue zoo romper debenhams

My son is almost 8 years old and is almost at the stage of wanting to choose his own clothes so I have to be careful what I go for. I found this Blue Zoo polo shirt and it reminded me of something my husband would wear so I thought that might be quite cute if they were ever so slightly ‘twinning’.

blue zoo debenhams

I also went for a rash vest top for when we go abroad in a few weeks. The kids will live in and beside the pool so I really like to keep their skin covered; especially my son as he is so fair.

I’ve been really impressed with the quality and choice available at Debenhams and to be able to do it all from the comfort of my own sofa is even better. Happy Mother’s Day to all my fellow mums!

jasper conran dress debenhams


I can blame this recent beauty haul on Lily Pebbles and Vivianna Does Makeup – I am totally infatuated with their videos.  I am slowly turning into a beauty junkie and find myself cooing at the softness of my latest Real Techniques brush.  My ‘on the side’ cake business has been slowly growing and I am starting to see some reward from the hours of hard graft and so I thought I should/would treat myself to a few of the beauty bits I have been lusting after recently.


So first up, I picked up some Eyelure Naturalites eyelashes in Tesco. These were a complete impulse buy but I saw a huge yellow reduced sticker on them and got sucked in.  Instead of the full £5 price tag they usually retail for I got them for £2.50 – an absolute steal in my book and perfect for the wedding I’m going to next week.  If anyone has any eyelash application tips I’d be happy to hear them as I have only ever applied one set of ‘fakeys’ on myself and it didn’t end well. You’ll have to stay glued to my Instagram for pictures of me wearing them.

Next up we have the L’Oreal Lash Architect 4D.  I had always been a fan of L’Oreal mascaras and even chose to wear their Million Lashes mascara on my wedding day but I really fancied a change.  I was ‘this’ close to buying Benefits Roller Lash but the price difference between the two clinched it for the L’Oreal mascara and I don’t regret it!  It’s fantastic.  I went for the Black in a non-waterproof variety.  The brush is delicate, long and small at one end to really poke into those corners.  The formula doesn’t seem gungey or thick and seems to deliver just the right amount each time.  I think I paid about £10 for this product in Boots and I would definitely recommend and re-purchase.

The next product I picked up was sold to me by Lily Pebbles (not literally I hasten to add), I think she actually mentions it in almost every video!  The Soap and Glory Solar Powder Bronzer.  Again, I purchased this from Boots for around £10 and I believe the product I have is in the old, ‘carboardy’ type packaging.  Lily mentioned in one of her recent videos that the packaging is now plastic and much more durable.  However, upon opening the compact you can’t help but smile as the bronzey, rose gold colours shimmer.  I really just wanted to grab my new brush and swirl it around.  Although, it kind of seems a shame to use such a beautiful looking product.  Again, I will try and get some pictures up on my Instagram of with and without solar powder so you can see how I use it.


Finally, I treated myself to a new Real Techniques brush.  I was tempted by the Bold Metals collection, which are simply stunning, but I told myself I’d be able to get two new brushes for the price of one if I stayed with their standard range.  Sold! It’s the blusher brush and I am unsure whether I will use it for blush or keep it just for using with the Solar Powder.  The thought of using an old brush in a new product sits uncomfortably with me. I already have the foundation brush by Real Techniques which I am a major fan of and as Boots had a buy one get one second half price offer on I was gutted when they didn’t have the beauty sponge in stock.   Oh well, there will always be a next time!



I am not a fan of my hands.  In the words of Pooh Bear they are short and fat but, unlike Pooh, I am certainly not proud of that.  I think they look a little like a cross between shovels and sausages.  If you don’t know me I’d love to know what sort of image you have in your head right now.

I have never really been overly fussed on painting my nails as it tends to cause a little bit of attention and I like to hide my hands at every opportunity.  Having said that, if I am going out of an evening, I always feel a little incomplete until my nails are painted.  It just finishes an outfit I think.  I’d never worry about wearing nail paint on a day to day basis although maybe I probably should make the effort….?!  It does seem a little futile to spend a good hour painting and drying your nails only to then have to clean the bathroom or wash the dogs bowls up.

Anyway, enough hand hate.  This week I tried a new shade for me, it was the Gelly Hi-Shine Nail Paint by Barry M in the shade Sugar Apple.  I’ve seen various beauty bloggers raving about minty nail paints from Topshop, Essie and the like and so I saw this one in Boots the other day and used the points balance to treat myself to it.

It advises that you use a base coat before applying but I only had a top coat to hand so I whacked a bit of that on….aren’t they just the same anyways?

The first few strokes of the nail paint were a little patchy looking and immediately I wrote it off as rubbish but persevered.  I was then pleasantly surprised.  As the nail paint sort of spread over my nail plate and dried it looked a lot more even.  I allowed the first coat to dry, with a good technique you could get away with one coat, then went over with a second coat.  I was really impressed with the end result.  I always prefer darker shades for my short nails but I think although this is a pastel it’s a really thick and pigmented sort of formula so it doesn’t leave my hand looking washed out. It’s not shimmery either, it’s just a lovely glossy colour.  The nail paint retails at £3.99 and I think that it’s pretty good value for money.

Do you wear nail paint religiously or strictly for nights out?