3 Things The Most Successful Blogs All Have in Common

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Success is never usually a coincidence. When multiple people or businesses are successful, they tend to have a few things in common. Granted, a lot of the time, business owners have wealth in common – they’re already rich, they know people in the industry, blah blah blah. 

However, when you look at successful blogs, you can quickly identify what each of them has in common. As such, it’s clear to see what you should focus on to create a successful blog. After looking at some of the biggest and best blogs around, here’s what they all have in common:

Excellent SEO

Most successful blogs will have a killer marketing strategy. After all, this is how they get loads of people to keep coming to their site and reading their content day after day. Having said that, most blogs will focus on SEO as the key part of their marketing strategy. This is because the number one way people find blogs is through search engines. If you want to learn about something or read a particular topic, you search for it. With exceptional SEO, the successful blogs manage to always appear in the top result spots for searches relating to their blog. Therefore, more people are likely to find the blog posts and click on them. 

Thriving communities

We’ve spoken about fostering communities before on this blog, and it’s such a key factor in developing a successful blogging website. With a community, you have a selection of readers that keep on returning no matter what you write about. They communicate and interact with one another, they share your posts, and they are basically partially responsible for growing your blog. Most successful blogs will use community software to create community portals for people to join. At the end of every blog post, include a link to your community portal for people to join and become part of the group. Here, you can interact with them, they can talk to other community members, and your blog thrives. An active community means you always get readers on your posts, so your blog can continue making money and growing. 

Regular content

Last but not least, successful blogs all have regular content. This is the key to establishing your blog and setting it apart from your peers. If you post regularly, there will always be something for someone to read. It gives you a chance to be found in searches more frequently, meaning you can attract new readers. The best blogging schedules can vary, but daily content uploads are a great idea. The more content you produce, the more opportunities there are to find new readers who can then become part of the community. What you don’t want to do is post once or twice every month or so. This won’t help you captivate a loyal audience, and your blog will die. 

If you are looking to create a successful blog, make sure you share some of the common traits that other successful blogs have. The three above are the keys to establishing a blog that generates lots of readers and makes a lot of money. 


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