Sleeping like a baby with SpaceCot **Review**

spacecot review

Move over bog standard travel cot, there’s a new kid in town! SpaceCot has landed and it’s a little bit brilliant!

Just before Mabel was born we were asked by the lovely team at SpaceCot if we’d like to try the cot out and, after seeing it in action at The Baby Show, I immediately agreed. The SpaceCot arrived soon after and it’s as if they knew the colour scheme in our kitchen as they sent it in a gorgeous dark grey which matches our home perfectly.


Since Mabel arrived we’ve been using the SpaceCot every, single day. That’s not me trying to impress SpaceCot or write a biased review. These reviews are always honest. The cot, inspired by European Space Agency Technology, has been in our kitchen since the day she arrived (well, after we packed the birth pool away) and it’s become her little nap zone during the day and the place I can place her down safely to keep her away from Big Foot (Elsie). The cot itself is narrower than a standard travel cot and so it fits into the smallest of spaces. I always wondered why travel cots are the shape they are – babies don’t need all that much room to sleep, rest or play!


I’d not realised but the SpaceCot comes with a crib insert (as shown in the photo above) which hooks over the main cot frame to allow a more raised up sleeping position making it easier to get to your newborn bundle. When your baby is a little bigger and can sit up it’s time to remove the crib insert and place them to sleep or play on the cot base. The mattress is much nicer than your usual travel cot mattress as it doesn’t have that plasticky feeling – it actually looks like a mattress; soft, quilted and white.


Putting up a standard travel cot is never easy; you have to do it all in a certain order and theres always one side that’s broken and won’t stay taut. Well, SpaceCot have made it a breeze! With it’s unique folding technology the cot is unfolded in one second and folded away in just three! Watch this little video of me unfolding the SpaceCot so you can see for yourself just how easy it is!

The cot comes in a carry bag and is ready to pull open as shown in the video. It’s literally ready to use in seconds which is essential when you’re travelling and have a grumpy, tired baby that needed to sleep like two hours ago!

We’ve two UK holidays planned between now and the end of the year and SpaceCot will be coming with us on both of them. We’ve actually thrown out our old, battered travel cot as this one is just in a class of its own. I’d highly recommend getting one if you’re in the market for a travel cot – you can find out more about SpaceCot here.




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