Purflo Curve Feeding Cushion ** Review**

purflo curve feeding cushion

Not too long after Mabel was born we received the Curve Feeding Cushion from Purflo to review. I was excited to see what the cushion had to offer as we were already massive fans of the Purflo Breathable Nest. Despite having four children I’ve never bought or used a cushion specifically designed for feeding; we always made do with stuffing sofa cushions or whatever we had to hand under our arms to help support the baby.

The cushion is available in three designs; we were sent the Elephant design which is just too cute for words. I was impressed with the look and feel of the cushion; it was firm enough to be supportive but the material felt soft and comfortable against my skin. The cushion also has a pocket for any bits you might like to keep handy whilst feeding such as a muslin cloth. The cushion cover is waterproof and washable which is absolutely essential. We’ve only washed the cover once but it washed beautifully and slipped right back over the cushion with ease. I like that the zip is concealed under a flap of material.

purflo curve feeding cushion

Mabel has been mostly formula fed since birth and so we probably didn’t use the cushion as much as we might have if I’d been breastfeeding. I know, from experience, that breastfed babies tend to feed more frequently. I think having something supportive to hand, such as the Curve Feeding Cushion, when breastfeeding would be a massive help as it can be back breaking work if not sat comfortably during those seemingly never ending feeds.

bottle feeding babyWhen I did use the cushion it was always more comfortable than the make shift set up I’d have created without it. Mabel was comfortable, fed well and if she did bring any milk up it was caught by the cushion and not my lap! I did need to remind myself to grab the cushion before sitting down to feed as I don’t always feed Mabel in the same place but it soon became a habit. It was also handy having a muslin cloth stashed in the pocket. I have also been known to sneak a few biscuits in there too but ssshhh that can be our secret!

purflo curve feeding cushion

Now Mabel is four months old we have been putting the cushion to other uses such as an aid for propping her up whilst we play or as a support during tummy time. It’s been used lots during the last week and has been a very welcome addition to Mabel’s artillery at playtime!

purflo curve feeding cushion

If you’d like to know more about the cushion or indeed the other lovely products that Purflo have to offer then please head on over to their website. I’m desperately waiting for the Breathable Nest to be available in a larger size as Mabel is rapidly outgrowing hers!


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