PurFlo Breathable Nest – Our Review

This year we were proudly chosen as runner up Blogger of Year by PurFlo and so throughout this year we are working with them to review some of their products and share our experiences of them through my blog and social media. I’ve been itching to get going and now baby Mabel has arrived we can finally share our first review product with you.

We were sent the much talked about PurFlo Breathable Nest. I’d been lusting after one of these for Mabel since I found out I was expecting as I’d read some other fantastic reviews and heard other non-blogger mums raving about how well their babies slept in it.

The key features of the nest are;

  • it is air-permeable and hypo-allergenic
  • it is made from a combination of 100% cotton and an anti-bacterial 3D mesh
  • it confirms to UK Standard BS4578 which certifies it not to restrict your babies airflow in anyway
  • it can be used as a crib insert, used around the house for napping or for tummy time
  • it is entirely non-toxic and chemical free
  • it has a removable and machine washable cover and comes with a carry bag for easy transportation

One of the hard parts about having a newborn is getting stuff done. No doubt you’ll want to cuddle your newborn baby continuously for the first few weeks but there will inevitably come a time when you have to face the washing basket and will need both hands to do it which means being able to to put your baby down when they nap. I’ve always really struggled to put the kids down for naps, not because I haven’t wanted to, but because they always seem to wake as soon as they leave the warmth of my body. I was keen to see if the PurFlo Breathable Nest would make this transition a little easier as many parents seemed to claim.

We are using the PurFlo Breathable Nest in a bedside crib which it fits into like a glove. In the past we have ended up using ‘v’ pillows to try recreate a nest type bed for baby as all our babies have seemed to like being cocooned in cosiness but of course this wouldn’t have been certified as a safe sleep solution unlike the Purflo Nest.


We’ve been using the nest since day one with Mabel and she’s slept really well in it. It seems perfectly shaped and sized for a newborn. It hugs her and gives her the security she needs. When she startles in her sleep and throws her arms out to the side they are soon met by the edge of the nest and she calms down quickly. We have been placing a small muslin under her head to catch any milk she brings up but it’s not really necessary as the nest washes really well. We had friends visiting at the weekend and one of them knocked a drink off a nearby shelf into the crib we have in the kitchen (he was mortified) and the nest was soaked. I quickly unzipped the cover, popped it in the wash and tumble dried it on a low setting. It was ready for Mabel to use again in just over an hour. The cover comes in various designs; Soft Truffle, Moss Green and Elephant which are all equally as lovely as the Teardrop one we have.

purflo breathable nest

As required, we can move the nest around the house which leaves me hands free to get on with some housework. Mabel can be right next to me snoozing away whilst I’m having a cup of…..errr….I mean whilst I’m folding the laundry…


I only ever give my honest opinion in these reviews as I’d hate for someone to spend money on a product that isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. In this case, the Purflo Breathable Nest is worth every penny of its £59.99 price tag.



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