Mabel is One

baby in flower field

Our baby isĀ One!

Born in our kitchen, in water, in the middle of night. The fourth and final child to join our family.

Mabel is such a sweet little soul. Everyone who meets her comments on how happy she is. The last twelve months she’s been a dream!

She didn’t sleep through from three months and she gagged on the smallest of lumps in her food but with her little dimpley smile she got away with everything! She does sleep through the night now but we’ve not long stopped feeding her which has been exhausting to say the least.

mabel is one

Mabel is well on the way to being able to eat just about anything. Mabel had a bit of a rocky start with weaning and it felt like she was on purees forever but she can now handle pretty much everything. Mabel will eat the same dinner as the other girls, most nights. I might take her fish out of the batter, for example, but at least I’m not cooking different meals for her and she’s trying lots of different tastes and textures.

mabel is one

Mabel Mouse can say “Hiya” and wave and will always flash a little smile too. We also think she say’s “yeh” when you ask her if she’s ok. She’s just a little darling and I love her so much!

When she’s happy her toes twirl around and around and she’ll let out a very high pitched squeal. However, lately, Mabel has also developed a bit of a temper and if I pick her up to move her away from something she will throw her head back and kick her legs like a frog. It’s quite funny actually as it’s so out of character for her – she’s going to have a similar temper to her Dad I think….short.

mabel is one

We’re surprising the kids with a little night away this weekend and we’re heading down to Southampton. We’ve been meaning to do it for a while but this weekend seemed like the perfect time. We’re hoping to spend a couple of hours at Moors Valley Country Park on the way down and then visit some family in the afternoon. We’ve booked interconnecting rooms at the Premier Inn, West Quay and then on Sunday we’re going to spend the day at Peppa Pig World! Mabel won’t understand much but Elsie’s going to love it.

mabel is one




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