Introducing Mabel May

newborn hands

On the 22nd July 2017 our family grew by one
. One perfect little lady completed us.

Mabel May Magovern was born at 2:34am weighing 8lb 8oz. Mabel was born at home, in water. It was a very straight forward labour with just a small amount of gas and air used at the final pushing stages. There would have been a lot more gas and air inhaled but the midwives were unable to reconnect the pipes to the new cannister. So, whilst it looks as though I’m chugging back entinox in my birth video, I’m actually just breathing oxygen and biting down REALLY hard!

Florence and Elsie were asleep upstairs and didn’t hear a thing. It was pretty incredible.

Mabel is now one week old and has settled in well.

Life as a family of six is absolutely crazy.

water birth

post birth


If you fancy watching Mabel being born (and her placenta) click below…


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