Elsie at 2 months old

Elsie, you have changed so very much since your one month update. You are no longer newborn, in my eyes, it feels as if you have been here forever. I have to remind myself that you are only just a little over 8 weeks old.

When your eyes are open they are deep blue and beautifully shiny. When they are shut I am so incredibly happy! Joke!! You rarely sleep in the day. Much like your sister, you seem to prefer a cat nap to a long sleep. Perhaps that will change as you grow.

elsie sleeping

The last month has seen some big changes in your little world. We put you down in your Moses basket awake for the first time and you actually settled yourself. You fell asleep within minutes. I can’t begin to explain how ecstatic your Dad and I were! What’s more, a few nights later we decided to try you in the cot as you’re rapidly outgrowing your basket. Again, success! You were asleep within 30mins and I was nowhere to be seen although we did have Florence’s teddy playing music to you.

Your sleep pattern at night is still erratic. Sometimes you will have a good 4-5 hour stint but then other times you’re awake within 2 hours of us putting you down to sleep. It’s exhausting but I’m kind of in the groove now and seem to be able to manage whatever you chuck at me on the sleep front. Just please, for the love of God, do not get sick! That would tip me over the edge for sure.

This month we have had our final visit from the health visitor and your were around 11lbs 12ozs at 6.5wks which put you above the 75th percentile. At this rate you’ll be stealing your sisters clothes in no time!  We’ve also had lots of trips out now your sister has finished pre-school; we’ve been to numerous parks, splash pads and you were there when you sister visited ‘big’ school for the first time.

worcester park, elsie

As well as plenty of food going in we have plenty coming out. Month 2 has been the month of poonamis! We’ve thrown out clothes and dunked you in the bath just to wash the poo off! How does so much poo come out of someone so small?!

Finally you’ve been grinning like there’s no tomorrow. It’s definitely not wind as you save all your best smiles for when Daddy, Florence, Logan or I speak to you; especially first thing in the morning. You copy me when I poke my tongue out and if someone chats to you, you try your best to coo and gurgle back.

elsie smiling

You’re going from strength to strength.  Unfortunately you have your first immunisations on Friday! More about that in the next update.




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