Ditching the bottle!

mabel in the forest of dean

No, not me. Mabel.

You’ll be waiting a long time for that post!!

Anyway, back to Mabel. As you might have seen, if you follow me on social media, Mabel has finally given up the bottle *insert fanfare*!

During the day Mabel was drinking water and squash from a beaker but at night time she’d refuse to drink her milk unless it came from a bottle….with a teat. At nineteen months old we knew this was bad for her teeth but the thought of disrupting her routine wasn’t pleasant and so we went along with the bottle and have ben trying ever since to persuade her off it.

However, it seems she’s just decided she doesn’t want or need it any more. Over the last few weeks when we’ve offered her milk at bedtime she’s either drunk only a small amount or refused it completely. So, when we came back from Bluestone on Monday night, and were all tired, I just said to Matt “let’s skip the milk tonight and see how she goes.” Turns out she was fine and went off to sleep with zero fuss.

bottle to beaker

I did put it down to her being super duper tired and so the next night, when we tried again, I wasn’t so confident. Alas, she slept!

Night after night went past until we’d been doing this for around a week and so the decision was made to throw out all her old bottles. They weren’t in a good enough condition to donate sadly. We’ve also thrown out the hideously manky drying rack which took up far too much work top and fell over daily. To say I’m happy is an understatement!

The cuddles with Mabel before bed were lush though and I will miss that. It’s kind of bittersweet to think about her growing up. I guess nappies and her ‘num-num’s’ (dummy) are the last things which really tie her to being a baby…..

Giving up the bottle

So, if you clicked on this post expecting some kind of technical method I’m sorry to have disappointed you. All I can suggest is don’t be afraid to go cold turkey – sometimes I think we make these things into habits which we think our babies won’t cope without. But actually they’re resilient little things and just get on with it a lot of the time!


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