Aldi Baby & Toddler Event

It’s that time of year again when Aldi run one of their amazing Baby & Toddler events! This is the third time this year a Baby and Toddler event has been held but each time they seem to get bigger and better!

We’ve been fans of the Aldi Mamia range for some time now; using their nappies and snacks regularly. I often get asked if the Mamia range is any good – I think because the price is so affordable people assume they must be buying an inferior product when compared to the big baby brands. My experience is that the Aldi Mamia range is actually a far superior product to the overpriced baby brand ranges. With regards to the nappies we have never experienced any irritation on any of our girls, they are generously sized and we very rarely have leaks and, when we do, it’s usually because what has been produced couldn’t have been withheld by the Hoover Dam let alone a nappy.

But it’s not just nappies and wipes you can pick up during the event – that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Set to fly off the shelves is the Baby Snuggle Nest. Beautifully designed, the cushioned nest gently snuggles your little one to sleep! The snuggle nest recreates the feeling of being cuddled, so your little tot can drift off into a peaceful nap, and you can relax knowing they are getting much needed sleep. It’s an affordable alternative to the popular Poddle Pod and is 60% cheaper! We use a nest for Mabel, she’s just three weeks old, but she loves to nap in it and I can move it around the house so she’s always with me.


I’ve got my eye on the toddler weaning and feeding range; for example the 360 Sippy Cups and suction bowls are just £2.49 – this is half the price I have paid for a similar product in the past! I can also recommend, from experience, Aldi’s range of blankets and muslins – they wash really well and seem to become softer the more they’re used.

The Aldi Baby & Toddler Event is online now and starts in store on 17th August 2017.




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