Our review of ‘LapBaby’

A few weeks ago I was asked if I wanted to try ‘LapBaby‘ – the hands free seating aid for babies. At the time I was struggling to fit blogging in around looking after Elsie; she was only just three months old and she wanted to be held constantly. I’ve worked so hard on my blog to get it to where it is now and I didn’t want to let it dwindle just because I had a baby in tow and thought the LapBaby seating aid might just answer my prayers.

When the product arrived I was impressed to see it came in its own travel pouch which was convenient for packing into our hand luggage when we went abroad. The product, when inside the pouch, measures approximately 27x17cm and squashes down fairly flat. The pouch also has a fairly large clip on it which could be used to attach the pouch to a change bag or pram handle-ideal for getting out and about with baby.

The product is essentially a padded belt which fits around your waist with a separate belt which fits around baby’s belly and allows baby to sit on your lap whilst giving you the freedom to use your hands for work, eating or seeing to those other children! The strap which wraps around the baby is lovely and wide so it doesn’t feel like it’s digging into baby’s belly but it’s small enough to use with children from around 3 months old – just as they start trying to wriggle around.

The belt comes with some great features such as a fold out lap cover to protect your clothing from any dribble, milk or whatever else your baby may choose to send your way.  There is also a clip for a dummy or toy which is perfect because it takes a while for them to master those little fingers and toys often end up on the floor.


We made great use of our LapBaby whilst in Cornwall this year too. We ate out several times and, as you can see, it gave me two free hands to eat and drink without worrying she would suddenly fling herself forwards or backwards or knock my drink from my hand.

I’d definitely recommend getting yourself a LapBaby, and I wouldn’t say that if I didn’t actually think it as there are plenty of useless baby gadgets out there. If you enjoy travel, need to work from home or just enjoy socialising out the house (yes, parents can go to the pub too) it comes in so bloody handy!


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