5 Considerations to Make When Thinking About Having a Baby This Year

Deciding to start a family during these uncertain times could be one of the happiest and most beautiful things to do. However, if there were considerations to make in normal times, today there are even more concerns to face and resolve. Of course, if this has been one of the things you desire the most and you feel like you are ready for it, you should go ahead. However, knowing what the additional obstacles you will face can give you a powerful head start to get back on your feet. 

Health Concerns

Aside from the increased financial and social pressure that some families could feel today, it would be best if you also considered what the situation in the hospitals in your area is like. 

As you try to get pregnant or you navigate through the journey that pregnancy is, you will enter a vulnerable group of the population. Additionally, you will be spending a lot of time in clinics and the company of doctors. Understanding the risks involved is essential to prevent them in the best way you can. 

Social Distancing Measures

Social distancing measures are still in place. While fewer people are in quarantine or self-isolating, some limitations still stand. Visiting other at-risk portions of the population such as young, old, or weak members of your family won’t be allowed, or reasonable, for a few months to come. 

Therefore, if you are thinking about getting pregnant now, you should keep in mind that you might not be able to see or visit some of your family members or closest friends during this unique time of your life. Getting their help and support might be more challenging than during some other times.

Added Professional Stress

With some offices requiring professionals to work from home, many working women, students, and entrepreneurs have had to face the challenges related to this new reality. If you decide to try to have a baby now, you might avoid the stress involved in commuting to and from work twice a day. However, your routine could be all over the place, and you might have to juggle the new way of shopping, staying fit, and work, while dealing with the pregnancy.

Financial Pressure

Financial pressure and reduced income are a common concern for families during these uncertain times. Many businesses had to close down, and others cut contracts and number of employees. 

Even if you were one of the lucky ones that managed to keep their position, work from home, or even obtain a promotion, the uncertainty of it all could weigh on your mental and physical well being. Especially if you are going through options such as an egg donation, make sure your finances are in check!

It Could Bring the Whole Family Together

Needless to say, the challenges of becoming a mum-to-be during a global pandemic are endless. However, the rewards – as well as the love that could bring into the family – is priceless. Wonderful news such as pregnancy can bring the whole family together and renew that connection with your closest family members, even if it is now happening all virtually.

Of course, there will be other challenges to face one the baby is born. However, bedtime routines, meals, and potty training are all challenges to consider in a few months!


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