4 Tips to Get Your Toddler Preschool Prep Underway

School is right around the corner, and for most parents, this means getting their toddler ready. It can be a daunting task to figure out how to get your little one dressed and fed in the morning so that you’re not running late, but it doesn’t have to be. This post will cover four ways that will help get your toddler ready quickly and easily every day!

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1. Put a Routine in Place 

The first way to help your toddler get ready for school is by putting a routine in place. This will be time-consuming at first, but once it’s established, you should only have to remind them of the morning schedule every few days or so. An excellent place to start with this would be waking up your child and getting dressed right away before breakfast – even if they’re still half asleep! By doing this consistently each morning, eventually, they’ll know that as soon as they wake up, it’s time to eat their breakfast and put on clothes. And then, when those things are done, playtime can begin. Of course, this takes dedication from you because sometimes toddlers aren’t going to want to do what you’ve asked, but if you stick with it, you’ll be able to get your toddler ready quickly every morning. The more the routine becomes second nature to them, the easier it will become for you too!

2. Teach Them Basic Skills 

Another way to get your toddler ready for school is by teaching them basic skills. A few things you can teach them are how to brush their teeth, put on socks and shoes, pack up their school bag every day so that they know where everything is in the morning when it’s time to go (and make sure they do this too!), and to use a napkin at mealtimes. You should also consider sending your toddler to things like swim lessons, which can be beneficial. These things can take some training but will be worth it in the long run because once these tasks become habits for your child, getting them ready for bedtime or even after school activities become much easier!

3. Get Them Acquainted to Other Toddlers 

Another way to get your toddler ready for school is by calling them acquainted with other toddlers. This can be done in a few different ways, such as having playdates, going on walks where you meet other kids or even just letting them watch their favourite show, which has lots of children in it! Getting them familiarized with what they’ll be doing at preschool and how to behave around others will make the transition easier once they’re there each day. It also allows you to talk about good behaviour and social skills before school starts so that when the time comes, hopefully, things go smoothly without too much trouble from either party!

4. Start Spending Time Apart

The final way to get your toddler ready for school is by having them spend some time apart from you. This means that they’re getting familiar with spending time away from their parents, whether at play dates or just on errands like going shopping or to the grocery store. They can also start watching tv shows and videos where there are children who may not have a parent around (most cartoons will fit this criterion). If you’ve never left your child before without another adult nearby, now might be a good time to do so! Of course, it won’t always go smoothly. Still, over time as long as things don’t escalate too quickly, they’ll become more comfortable being alone, making transitioning into preschool much easier when the day comes!

When getting your toddler ready for school, there are many different ways you can go about it. Just remember that with a little bit of dedication and consistency from both parties, the transition will be much smoother!


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