As hard as you (and I) might try, we can’t be super parents everyday. Some days you’ve reached breaking point by 9am (that’s me today) and you just need to feed your kids and get them in bed for your own sanity.


At the same time you’ve got this little person on your shoulder (usually the Daily Mail) saying “get it together – your kids need a wholesome meal which includes plenty of veg and a variety of delicious flavours.” I have this battle with myself on a daily basis and some days I do step up to the plate (literally) and dish up some homemade feast and other days….well, other days I’m rummaging around in the freezer.

I recently discovered Ella’s Kitchen toddler meals and in all honesty I think they’re going to become a regular feature on our shopping list. Perhaps not for everyday use as, let’s face it, I’m not a millionaire but to be able to give Elsie a healthy, balanced and nutritious meal in 60 seconds is a winner in my books.

The meals are suitable from 1-3 years of age and I’d agree – the texture is perfect for her current eating capabilities. Elsie’s had no problem shovelling the contents of her dinner into her little mouth, which currently contains six teeth, and so far she has polished off each meal we’ve tried her on.

Each meal is packed with veggies which are no doubt more varied than what I could ever offer.

I’m not the worlds best chef and, like most parents, I worry about what my little one can and can’t handle in terms of flavour and texture. In all honesty baby’s can handle a lot more than we think. They’re not born with a hatred of red peppers or a dislike for aubergine. We’re usually the ones that pass these dislikes on. For example, I hate mushrooms and so I would never serve them to my kids as we just don’t have them in the house. This is a what I love about these Ella’s Kitchen meals; they’re getting the variety that I just don’t offer.

I know many people are sceptical of pre prepared meals for kids (and adults for that matter) and I too prefer to whip up a homemade meal if I have the time, energy and ingredients¬†available. However, as you can see from the ingredients of this particular meal below; there isn’t anything nasty in there – just good, wholesome ingredients including a lot of vegetables. What’s not to like?



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