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about me

“There is no such thing as the perfect parent so just be a real one” – Sue Atkins

So true.  There’s no manual to parenthood, no long winded Lego style picture book to guide you through piecing your kids together to make civilised, successful adults.  We’re all making it up as we go along.

I’m Caroline, a 33 year old mum of four young children.  We’re based in Gloucestershire but love to travel. My eldest son, Logan, is from a previous relationship and is a total loon. He loves Pokemon, Minecraft and Roblox. He excels in Maths and has a sensitive nature.

Florence is almost six years old and loves school! Since starting in Reception she’s blossomed into a confident and caring character that soaks up knowledge like a sponge. Out of school she loves horse riding, being crafty and playing with her big brother.

Elsie‘s the one that broke the mould. We’ve been on some hellish aeroplane rides with Elsie and she’s had some epic meltdowns in the supermarket but when Elsie’s in a good mood she’s like an angel with big, beautiful eyes and a cheeky smile.

Last but not least is Mabel. Mabel is the happiest baby you’ll ever meet – you only need to take a quick look at my Instagram to see her infectious smile. Mabel was born at home in water and it was the most amazing night of my life.

Our family is now complete.

Since I started writing ‘Mrs Magovern’, around three years ago, I’ve worked with some amazing brands and been lucky enough to experience some wonderful opportunities with my family. We love to share all these experiences through my blog and also my You Tube channel. As a family we have a passion for travel and, now that our family is complete, we want to explore the world.

We’re very open to collaborating with relevant brands via reviews, giveaways or sponsored work whether that be on my blog or via my You Tube channel. If you’d like to discuss working together please drop me an email on info@mrsmagovern.com




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